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  •  18.3mm Paintable Sensors

  • 12/24 Volt: 20 - 200mA

  •  Detection Range:  0.2 - 1.5m

  •  Working Temp: -30 - +70C  

  •  Height Adjustment Range:100mm Up - 100mm Down

  •  Multi Tone Buzzer: 3 Vol Levels

  •  Self-Test Function 

  •  Intelligent Detectable - Towbar/

  •  Spare Wheel (Ignore Function)

  •  Sensor Beam Height Adjustable

  •  Available for Front and Rear

  •  Option To Add A Display

  •  2/4 Sensor Compatible

  •  Gloss or Matt for Plastic

  •  Colour Coding Available to factory standard


Get In Touch

All font & rear parking sensors can be painted to match the vehicle's paint colour to ensure they look like an integral part of the vehicle bumper. JR Auto Solutions range of parking sensors take parking safety to the next level by aiming to take the stress away from drivers constantly working in restricted urban environments and to reduce the hefty bills a car or commercial vehicles can run up in reversing related body damage.

Get total protection front and rear to avoid all sorts of tight spaces and awkward manoeuvres. Turn on the sleek and discreet switch to turn on the front sensors, and let the rear sensors be powered on in reverse. This is one of the best options to get fitted to your car, other kits can go off non-stop, or even coming up to traffic lights. Turn on only when you need to turn it on.

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