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Price can differ dependingon vehicle - Many Vans catered for


As OEM security increases and develops so do the methods thieves adopt to bypass these systems. Gone are the days of thieves only carrying a small flat bladed screwdriver - more and more commonly thieves are becoming more violent and are using the latest power tools to drill or cut their way into vans by accessing and overriding certain parts of the locking mechanism.

The ProtektaPlate has been developed by us to answer these vehicle specific vulnerabilities. Using our in house R&D facilities and 30 years of knowledge in the vehicle security industry we were able to design, manufacture, and provide a solution that not only addresses vulnerabilities that have been discovered already but also adds protection to other vulnerable areas of the locking mechanism.

The ProtektaPlate has also been designed for ease of installation with the installer in mind; kits are supplied with full fitting guide/templates. Please select your vehicle from the list on the left hand side to see compatibility with your vehicle/fitting position.


Key Features: 

  • Unique bespoke applications address specific vehicle vulnerabilities
  • Proactive design protects against future entry methods
  • Easy installation
  • Neat high quality stainless steel finish
  • Great visual deterrent— high security internal fixing plates & fixings
  • Covers damage if your vehicle has already been subject to attack


SKU: Protekta
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