A common method of vehicle break-ins is by means of a screwdriver being forced through a gap between the handle and the vehicle body to lever onto the back of the OE lock mimicking the action of the key being put into the door and being turned. The ProPlate is a neat stainless steel shield that prevents thieves from attacking this vulnerable area. It is secured behind the manufacturers door lock but clearly visible to a would-be thief; a great visual deterrent. As well as this we have designed and produced bespoke internal plates that further increase the level of protection.

The ProPlate offers the same type of protection as other handle protection products but it has no holes to drill (not invalidating manufacturer’s paint warranty/issues of rust) and is designed to follow the contours of the handle, acting as a great visual deterrent for half the price of our competitors handle protection plates.

The ProtektaPlate has been developed by us to answer these vehicle specific vulnerabilities. Using our in house R&D facilities and 30 years knowledge in the vehicle security industry we were able to design, manufacture and provide a solution that not only addresses vulnerabilities that have been discovered already but also adds protection to other vulnerable areas of the locking mechanism. The ProtektaPlate has also been designed for ease of installation with the installer in mind; kits are supplied with full fitting guide/templates.



Human error is the single largest cause for vehicles being left unlocked - Our British standard SlamLock addresses this problem by design. It will automatically lock when the vehicle door closes and cannot be reopened unless the correct high-security key is used, ensuring the door is always locked and dramatically reduces the chance of theft from the vehicle. The integral dust cover helps to prevent water, dust and dirt entering the key way and clogging the mechanism.

Other design features include high security cylinder, a large internal reinforcing washer, 34mm locking body nut, anti-drill roll pins and selectable operation, making this lock the choice for the majority of the major UK courier and parcel delivery companies. For strength we link into the manufacturers latch system and in most cases are able to offer a 'direct release' function, which allows the door to open when turning the key [This one handed opening facility is ideal for couriers who often have their hands full of parcels].

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