Frequently asked questions

How to get in Contact with us?

We are available through many channel's. By Phone call, Email, Facebook, Instagram or the chat us in the right hand corner. Don't hesitate to get in contact any time.

Do we also fit Products?

Yes we also can fit products at extra cost. Prices on the store are excluding fitting cost whichwill have to be calculated considering the product and location of the install.

Do you have more of a selection of Products?

We have a wide range all items which over time wil be added to the store. We take into consideration your specific application and reccomend the best for you personally and most cost effective.

Where are you located?

As a company we are based in Thomastown in Kilkenny but cover the entire South East and parts of the West. If you have any questions about location don't hesiate to get in contact with us by email.


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We are a kilkenny based safety and communication company. Established in May 2009 by John with an extensive Portfolio of products to suit all situations and scenario's across the Automotive industry.

Contact Info



Phone: +353 (0)86 453 7856 (Kieran)

            +353 (0)86 271 2423 (John)

            +353 (0)56 7793292 (Landline)